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My name is Jesus and I am excited to be part of the KEY Academy family. I graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago and served in the United States Marine Corps for four years. I love music, art, sports, and food. It is going to be a pleasure working with the new Staff at KEY Academy, as well as all the students.


Recent Posts

Lesson 12

Good afternoon parents, 
First and foremost happy holidays. I would like to welcome all of you back. I hope you all had a relaxing and enjoyable break. This week students started lesson 12 for Language Arts and will be introduced to digraphs -ch and -tch we will also cover sequence of events. Furthermore, students also began chapter five in math which will cover the relationship between addition and subtraction. Parents and students have a great week. 

Lesson 7

Good afternoon parents,
I would like to inform you that we have begun lesson 7 in our journeys textbook. 
This lesson will consist of spelling words with short I and also new high frequency words. Furthermore, the lessons target skill is for students to understand the main idea of a story and also the details. I would also like to inform you that the students have performed very well in their first two math tests and we have begun chapter three. Please continue to support your student at home so we can continue to succeed. Thank you and have a great week.

Lesson 4

Good afternoon parents, we have begun our fourth lesson in Language Arts this week and also started a new chapter in math this week as well. I can gladly announce that the class performed well on their first math test and I should have those grades posted in our grade book soon. The new chapter in math will cover subtraction. Thank you and have a great week. 

Lesson 3 short o

Good afternoon parents, 
I would like to inform you that our class has taken their first ELA test last Friday and the students performed well. Let's keep up the good work ! Also, we have been moving along in math and will finish our first chapter this week. Thus, our first math test will take place this week as well. Students have received their new spelling and words to know today ensure students are practicing their words at home. Thank you and have a great week. 

Lesson 2 Short i

Dear parents, 
Good afternoon. I would like to inform you that your students will be starting Lesson 2 in our journeys textbook. This lesson, will introduce students to new consonants and the short I. Furthermore, students will receive their spelling words this Monday and will be tested on them this Thursday or Friday. Also, this week we will continue to work on chapter 1 in math. Please ensure that students are completing homework on a daily basis and turning in work the following day. Thank you and have a great week. 

Spelling lesson 20

Good morning parents,
This week we will continue to work on chapter eight in math. Also, we will begin lesson twenty in language arts and cover compound words and cause and effect. Please continue to ensure that students are reading daily and that they are completing their homework daily. Attached you will find this weeks spelling words. Thank you.

Lesson 19

Good afternoon parents,
Today is February 12th and students were introduced to lesson 19 in language arts, they also received their new spelling words which they will be tested on later this week. We will also review for our math test later this week which will be on chapter 7. Parents just a reminder no class this Friday or the following Monday. Thank you and have a great week

Lesson 18

Good afternoon parents,
This week we are starting lesson 18 and will discuss where are food comes from. Students will receive new spelling words on Monday February 5, 2018 and they will be tested this Thursday. Also, our school will be celebrating 100 days of school and we will be doing activities celebrating the 100th day later this week.

1st grade

Good morning,
This week students will take their chapter two math test on Tuesday. Also, for Language Arts we will focus on the story "Jack and the Wolf " and "The Three Little Pigs." In addition, students will receive their new spelling words as well and will be tested on the words this Thursday. Thank you and have a great week.

1st grade

Good morning parents,
Students have received their new spelling words and they will be tested on these words later this week. Also, we began Lesson 3 in Language Arts this week and students will be introduced to words with short O and consonants L, X. In addition, our class has completed chapter one in math. Thus, we will review the chapter today Monday, September 11, 2017 and students will receive the test Tuesday, September 12, 2017.

1st grade

Welcome back after our labor day break. Students started a new Language Arts lesson this week and received their spelling words. Also, this week our anchor text is titled "The Storm," please ensure that your child is reading every night for 20 minutes. Also, this week we will focus on the following targets skills; understanding characters and realistic fiction. Furthermore, students where introduced to the short "I" and consonants r, h, /z/s, b, g. In addition, we are still covering chapter one for math. The following words listed are the spelling words that students will be tested on.
 1. if
2. is
3. him
4. rip
5. fit
6. pin
Sentence: A fan can fit it.

6th grade learned about grid drawing and created these super hero grid drawing. Great job.