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About KEY Academy

KEY Academy is a public charter school dedicated to serving the needs of our students. We are conveniently located in the city of Hayward, offering residents of Hayward and the surrounding areas an alternative educational setting. We offer daily instruction in world languages and an after school program that enhances the educational experience for all of our students.
KEY Academy was founded by a group of educators, parents, and community members who were seeking an alternative to the local elementary and middle schools. 
The name of KEY Academy embraces the mission and vision of this founding group. KEY stands for Knowledge Enlightens You. Just like keys, knowledge is a factor in opening doors to future success.
KEY Academy’s mission is recognizing each child as an individual and fostering the development of each child's social, emotional, physical, and intellectual potential to empower them to become productive and compassionate global citizens. Our dedicated, innovative educators will work together with student families to maintain a community committed to achievement, creative, and enthusiastic life-long learners. 
Educational Philosophy:
Using the Common Core standards to guide our educational program, teachers and parents work together to ensure the achievement and progress of each student, building the knowledge, skills and attributes necessary for them to become self-motivated, competent, lifelong learners.
KEY Academy creates a learning environment that is supportive, community oriented, academically rigorous, and allows students the freedom to grow to their maximum potential. KEY Academy offers a research-based, content-rich liberal arts program with a commitment to world language studies. Staff, parents, and students are actively involved in the culture of expectation; where individuals are respected, valued, and known by the content of their character. We have organized and outlined our goals and vision into five main categories.
  • Academic Excellence
  • Character and Values
  • Faculty
  • Parents
  • Environment