My name is Jessica Prunty and I am one of the 5th grade teacher at KEY Academy. This will be my 9th year teaching 5th grade at KEY and I am so excited to work with this fantastic group of students and the wonderful staff this year! I graduated from Cal State East Bay with my BA in Human Development in 2013 and also received my Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from the same school in 2014. In my spare time, I love to read, spend time with my friends and family, and play with my dog.



Week of 2/5

Good morning,
This week we are starting Chapter 7 in Math; Chapter 7 is about Multiplying Fractions. The students will not have Math homework today but will have Reading and Spelling. Math homework will resume next week.
In Language Arts we are working on stressed and unstressed syllables, central ideas, and authors craft. On Thursday, we will have our in class Spelling Bee to determine who will represent our class in the school Spelling Bee later this month. We are also working on a Black History Month project in class. Students are working in small groups and researching a different influential jazz musician and compiling information into a short biography. Our completed biographies will be displayed on a bulletin board in the hallway when we are finished. 
The World's Finest Chocolate sale is going on from now until February 23rd. Students can check out a box of chocolate to sell with a signed permission slip.
The student council will be selling Candy Grams this week in preparation for Valentine's Day. If your student would like to purchase Candy Grams to send to their friends, they will be on sale this week at lunch. It is $1 for one Candy Gram and $2 for five. 
On Thursday, February 15th we will be holding Parent University #3 at 8:15 in the Cafeteria. The topic is "How to help your child be prepared for state testing." It is a great resource for parents if you are available to attend. 
Important Dates:
2/8- In Class Spelling Bee
2/14- Valentines Day
2/15- Parent University @8:15 
2/16-President's Day No School
2/19- President's Day No School
2/21- Schoolwide Spelling Bee grades 3-5
2/23- Chocolate Sale ends
2/27- Mobile Library during class time
Please let me know if you have any questions and have a great week!
Mrs. Jessica

Week of 1/29

Good afternoon,
This week we are finishing up Chapter 6 In Math and will be taking the Chapter 6 Math Test on Thursday 2/1. Chapter 6 was about adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers; you should expect students to have a review test for homework on Wednesday. Some students are struggling with remembering that to add and subtract fractions, you have to find a common denominator and write equivalent fractions. Some students are also having trouble remembering how to simplify. If your student is still struggling with any skills in Chapter 6, here are some IXL skills they can practice:
Equivalent fractions: J.2
Least common denominator: J.5
Adding and subtracting fractions: L.3, L.5
Adding and subtracting fractions word problems: L.6
Adding mixed numbers: M.3
Subtracting mixed numbers with regrouping: M.4
In Language Arts this week we are working on words with -ain, -ture, and -sure ending for our spelling pattern. We are practicing making and confirming predictions, identifying text structure, and identifying author's claim and support. Students can go on IXL and practice Language Arts skills with a star for extra practice.
We finished lesson 5 in Social Studies, and students will be taking the test in class today. They have had class time to review the chapter. 
We will be having an in-class Spelling Bee to determine who will move on to the schoolwide Spelling Bee. Our in-class Spelling Bee will be 2/8. Students will have words to practice.
Valentine's Day is coming up. I will be sending a list out this week of students in our class and their names if students would like to pass out Valentines. Please be aware that we have nut allergies in our class, so I do ask that any candy that is passed out be nut free for everybody. We also have students that don't eat gelatin, so please be aware of that. If your child would like to bring Valentines to pass out, make sure they have one for everybody- there are 21 students in our class. 
We will be starting our annual World's Finest Chocolate sale soon, more information to come.
Here's some upcoming dates to remember:
1/30- PTO meeting @8:25 
1/31- PTO hot chocolate/donut sale before school
2/8- In class Spelling Bee
2/14- Valentines Day
2/16- President's Day, No School
2/19- President's  Day, No School
2/21- Grades 3-5 Schoolwide Spelling Bee
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns and have a great week!
Mrs. Jessica

Week of 1/16

Good morning,
This week in Language Arts we are working on decoding words with the suffixes -ful, -ly, -ness, -less, and -ment. We are also working character development in a story, point of view, and creating a mental picture to deepen understanding of a text.
In Math, we are working on prime factorization, finding common denominators to add and subtract fractions. It is extremely important for students to know their times tables and multiplication facts for this part of 5th grade. If that is something your student has not mastered, please continue practicing at home. 
Quarter 2 ended last Friday; Quarter 3 begins today. Remind students to stay on top of their work so that they don't fall behind on their work.
If your child is absent from school, it's important that they remember to ask for any work that they missed when they were gone so they don't fall behind.
Friday 1/19 is Movie Day from 1:00-3:15. A flier went home for students to take home last week. If your student would like to stay for Movie Day and preorder a snack pack for $2, please have them return the bottom portion of the flier with the preorder money attached.
Important Dates:
1/19- Movie Day 1:00-3:15
1/23- Mobile Library during class time
Please let me know if you have any questions and have a great week!
Mrs. Jessica

Week of 12/18

Good morning,
This week we are finishing chapter 5 in Math; Chapter 5 was all about fividing decimals. We are doing the last lesson today. reviewing tomorrow, and taking the test on Wednesday. We will also be doing some fun Winter crafts this week. Thursday is the last day before the break, we will be finishing someb craft projects and watching a movie. School gets out on Thursday at 12:45.
Wednesday KEY Academy's Music Club and Choir will be holding their Winter Music Concert at 3:30 in the Cafeteria. 
There is a PTO Meeting tomorrow, 12/19, in the Cafeteria at 8:30.
Important Dates:
12/19- PTO Meeting @8:30 
12/19- Mobild Library during class time
12/21- Minimum Day 12:45 dismissal
12/22-1/8- Winter Break
1/9- Students return to school
Have a great week and Happy Holidays if I don't see you before Thursday!
Mrs. Jessica

Week of 12/11

Good morning,
This week we are working on text structure, text and graphic features, regular and irregular verbs, and words ending in -ed and -ing. In Math we are finishing chapter 5, today we are taking the mid chapter quiz, and the students will have review for homework. 
Next week we have a short week because of the Winter Break, so we will be working hard this week and next week to finish up before the break. The last day before the Winter Break is December 21st. We will probably be watching a movie in class that day and finishing up any projects from the week.
If your student is missing any assignments or would like to do test corrections, there is still time before Quarter 2 ends. The last day of Quarter 2 is January 12th, so students will have until that date to turn any missing assignments or test corrections in.
This is an exciting time of year for our students, and they are very excited about the Winter Break. Please remind them that they should come to school every day ready to try their best and get their assignments completed and turned in.
Important Dates:
12/19- PTO Meeting @8:30AM in the cafeteria
12/19- Mobile Library during class time
12/20- Winter Music concert for music club and choir- 3:30 in the cafeteria
12/20- World Arabic Language Day
12/21 Last day before Winter Break
1/9- Students return to school
Please let me know if you have any questions and have a great week.
Mrs. Jessica

Week of 12/4

Good morning,
This week in Language Arts we are reading two realistic fiction stories about growing a garden. We are working on retelling, and in Grammar we are working on verb tenses, and recognizing base words. In Math we are starting Chapter 5, which is all about decimal division. We are finishing up a lesson in Social Studies and will take the test later this week.
We are finishing up Let's Go Learn tests this week as well. Before the Winter Break I would also like to take a practice Language Arts CAASPP, and a practice Math CAASPP to start preparing students for the CAASPP tests we take in the Spring. If we don't have time to do these before Winter Break, we will do them after.
This Thursday at 8:20am is our second Parent University, it is about teaching students to be responsible on the internet.
We are doing our second benchmark writing assignment in the next few weeks. Students will be writing winter themes acrostic poems. 
Important Dates:
12/7- Parent University @8:20am
12/19- PTO Meeting @8:30am
12/19- Mobile Library during class time
12/20- World Arabic Language Day
12/22-1/5- Winter Break
1/8- Teacher Inservice (No School for students)
1/9- Students return from Winter Break
Please let me know if you have any questions and have a great week!
Mrs. Jessica

Week of 11/27

Good morning!
I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday! This week we are finishing up Chapter 4 in Math, we will take the Chapter Test on Wednesday. Chapter 4 was about multiplying decimals.  We will be reviewing in class together on Tuesday, and they will have a review test for homework on Tuesday as well.
This week in Language Arts, we are starting Module 5, which is about Planet Earth, and how we can protect the animals and plants in our environments. This week we are reading an informational text, working on Central Idea and details, we are talking about asking and answering questions, and Author's Purpose. You can help your student out with practicing these skills at home by encouraging them to ask questions as they read, and talking about how to find the main idea in a text.
We will be starting Let's Go Learn round 2 of testing this week. Please be sure to encourage your student to try their hardest and take their time on these tests, they are an important for us to track student growth throughout the school year.
Tuesday we will be having a PTO meeting at 8:20am in the cafeteria, all are welcome!
Important Dates:
11/28- Mobile Library during class time
11/28- PTO Meeting @8:20am 
12/7- Parent University
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns and enjoy your week!
Mrs. Jessica

Week of 11/13

Good morning!

This week in Language Arts we are learning about vowel/vowel spelling patterns, multiple meaning words, point of view, the prefixes mis-/mal- the suffixes -able/-ible, and formal vs. informal language.


In Math we are learning about multiplying money, and different ways to multiply decimals.

This is the last week before the weeklong Thanksgiving break. It's important to remind students that we still have things to do this week, and they should still be trying their best all week. 
Wednesday is picture retake day, please let me know if your student needs to retake their pictures.
Important dates:
11/15- Picture retake
11/15- PTO snack sale
11/20-11/24- Thanksgiving break
11/27- Let's Go Learn window opens
11/28- PTO Meeting @ 8:20am
11/28- Mobile Library
Please let me know if you have any questions and have a great week!
Mrs. Jessica

Week of 10/30

Good morning!
This week we are finishing Chapter 3 in Math and will be taking the Chapter 3 Math Test on Thursday. We are working on narrative writing in class. This week in Language Arts we will also be working on homophones and homographs, synthesizing information, and we are reading about the Wild West.
Tomorrow is Halloween and students are allowed to wear their costumes. The rules are no fake blood, no masks, and no weapons. We will be having a Halloween parade at 10:40, and parents are welcome to join for the parade. We will be painting some plastic pumpkins in class. If your student doesn't want to get paint on their costume, they can bring an old shirt or something they don't mind getting messy to put on over their costume. Students will not be able to change throughout the day and should come to school in their costumes. We will also be watching a movie tomorrow afternoon.
Book fair is open this week, our class will be visiting the book fair this afternoon, and it will also be open all this week after school.
Important dates:
10/31- Halloween Parade
11/10- Veteran's Day, No School
11/15- Picture Make Up day
11/20-11/24- Thanksgiving break
Please let me know if you have any questions, and have a great week!
Mrs. Jessica