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Hello! My name is Karly DeMain and I am teaching 2nd grade at the San Leandro Campus. This is my second year teaching at KEY Academy.
Fun Facts About Me:
My favorite color is orange.
My favorite animals are tigers and owls.
I love to go camping and hiking!
I am excited to meet all of my students and learn more about you! 
2021-2022 Classroom Dojo is up!
Please check your emails and texts for an invitation to join our classroom dojo. Please let me know if you are not able to access it! Make sure to also check your spam folders on your emails, thanks!
Hello Parents and Families! Please make sure all of your contact information is up to date with the main office. You can call 510-258-0786 to make sure it is up to date! 
My favorite method of communication is through email, please make sure to add your most checked email address to main office. That way I can add you to our Google Classroom and Class Dojo.
Parents & Families,
Please make sure you are checking your emails regularly!
This is my primary source of communication and I will be sending out emails more regularly. I have already sent out a few important emails and would love to hear back from more parents. Thank you!


Check Classroom Dojo!

Hello! Please make sure you are checking Classroom Dojo regularly to get the most up to date and important information! 
Feel free to message me on Dojo if you have any questions! Classroom Dojo can translate messages as well!

Classroom Dojo Up!

I tried to add or invite everyone to my classroom dojo. Please let me know if you have not gotten an invite yet, thank you! Make sure to also check your spam folders too.

My Name is Gabriela - Read Aloud

In class reading from February 10-21st. Comprehension Test on Friday, February 21st.

Click, Clack, Moo

November 12-15 story. There are many versions of this story on Youtube, including Spanish and an animated version.


Our classroom reading for the week of November 4-8th. Students will have a comprehension test about this story on Thursday, November 7th.

How a Chipmunk got its Stripes: Read Aloud (Oct. 28 - Nov 1)

This is the story we will be reading the week of October 28th to November 1st. Students will have a Comprehension Test on this story on Friday, November 1st. This story is a Folktale. Think of these questions as you listen to the story: How are the animals in this story like people? What is the lesson - or what can be learned- after reading this story?