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Welcome back to school, hi, I'm  Ms. Karla Padilla. I'm so happy to start this new school year. I teach Spanish from Kinder to eighth grade. I'm originally from El Salvador. I graduated and grew up in my country;  I know the language, culture, and lifestyle very well. I've had the wonderful experience to know the lifestyle of other Latin countries. Sharing my experience and knowledge is my goal. I hope students enjoy exploring a new language and culture. I'm sure everyone will make a great school year.


Spanish office hours

Hello parents
I want to remind you that my office hours are from 10 to 12 on Fridays. We can discuss about grades, behavior, assignments, or any school issue.


The first week of Spanish class is fast approaching. We will see you formally on August 17th. If you're still in vacation mode, it is time to switch up and start to hit the books. There are many different and challenging ways that we will mark the Spanish class. I know that every year we have new goals and expectations, and this online school is no exception. I am trying to prepare the perfect school that sets good objectives, environments, and relationships for the beginning of the school year. While we know there is no secret magic formula to fighting this online school challenge, I am going to ask for ways to follow up with your child that help us to start Spanish class on the right foot. I will attach a file, just click and open it. 
Remember, feel free to contact me if you have any question, my e-mail is

Parent Teacher Coferences Spanish

I am looking forward to meeting with you over Zoom to talk about Spanish grades in the following schedule
 Monday:  2:00 1st  and 2:45 kinder
Tuesday: 2:00 3rd and 2:45 4th
Wednesday: 2:00 5th and 2:45 6th
Thursday: 2:00 7 and 8 

Spanish Schedule (horario)

I will send an e-mail with my ID to join Zoom online classes, please send me your e-mail to [email protected]
Students from 3rd to 8th grade accept the invitation and join the class (google classroom)

Spanish classes

I will download more worksheet for the students (March 23rd - 27th)
Due: Friday 27th.
send me pictures about your child classwork to my e-mail

class work

classwork download on this webpage will be graded. Students must send their work finishes to my e-mail, [email protected]. otherwise, they won't have a grade for the last quarter

class work watch this slide and create yours
you can do it in PowerPoint or google slide. I will grade all work attach here.
I will add more classwork to do. you can send it to my e-mail
[email protected]
 March  23rd

kinder and first graders days of the week song

Sing this song with your child. The students love it and it is perfect for learning the days of the week in Spanish

No homework this 2-21-2020 week

students did homework in the class because of my absence on Tuesday 18th. The students who could not finish the homework assignment, they can bring it on Friday.