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Hi, I'm Karla Padilla. I'm so excited to start one more year  in this school. I teach Spanish from Kinder to eighth grade. I'm originally from El Salvador. I graduated and grew up in my country;  I know the language, culture, and lifestyle very well. I've had the wonderful experience to know the lifestyle from other Latin countries. Sharing my experience  and knowledge is my goal. I hope students enjoy exploring a new language and culture. I'm sure everyone  will make a great school year.

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professions and occupations

All Spanish group will start the new unit next week. I will say in advanced what the students will work as a homework or in the classroom.


7th and 8th graders have been working in a poster. February 8th, they will make the presentation. the subject is asking for directions

video-poster house, 7th-8th

the students will record a video (or make a poster) about their house, describing how their houses are.
Due: 21st and 22nd December
students already have the rubric for the evaluation.

5th- 6th house project

the students will make a presentation about the rooms of the house and its objects, due 21st December. they already have the rubric

6th-7th graders

The second project is coming, the report due is November 16th, and the power point presentation due is December 2nd.

2nd - 4th graders

In this new quarter, students will be reading a Spanish book in class. They have the book, please try to read at home every night. your help support my class. Thanks