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Beginning arabic teacher k-8th grades

My name is Nawal Saleh I have been teaching Arabic for 12 years. Some of the students I taught in KG. I’m very excited to be a part of the Key Academy’s family this year, it’s my   pleasure to work with the amazing staff here.

I’m a mother for 4 young men. I’m from Palestine, I lived in Jordan. I like to sing and I like jewelry a lot!

Thank you for having me with you.


Recent Posts

Reading program

I started last year a new program to encourage  my students to read and practice at home . their Arabic .
so I sign my  students to record their reading at home every day   reading and send it to my email  or text  or WhatsApp .
because I found this technique is the best for our student to read every day  and practice  at home ,That's why I  taught my  students  a different and easier way   to record for me and without their  parents  help and even  without  internet   .
that's why I mad an account for my self with google voice  , by using google voice number for my students  to call this number by:_
dialing   this number  510 394-0349
and leave me a massage  after the tone
reading  their lesson or vocabulary ,or their numbers or letters .baste on their level .

This is tk+k weekly agenda 
our  daily circle time 
include the date and the days and the season ,weather ,  letters , numbers, the vocabulary words of the week . Shaps, Colors   
our letter is lam 
ل لام 

Making the arabic language more interesting I connect the students with other student from west bank university to chat with them on skybe

Students asking question and replying to them

Homework rules

Hello every one ;
my name is Nawal Saleh  I'm one of  the  Arabic teachers at key academy san Leandro  site .
please my dear parents  text me this number based on your kids grade
I teach
1st grade ,2-4th beginners  ,5+6 advance , 7+8 beginners .
I gave your kids every week a packet  Monday due date  Friday with spelling test every Friday or sometimes Monday .
so please ask your  kids every Monday about my homework packet .
also I asked my students to read to me every week at home the packet's reading page and record their voice and send it to me . at my google account  number =510 394-0349. call this number and leave me a massage with your reading  assignment .
recording your  voice its part of your homework ,   you will get  graded for it.

For  the past 2 weeks, We have been working on this Disney theme decorating contest at the our school. We picked Lion king
we really enjoyed working on it. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😍😍😍😍👍👍👍👍👍
it was most of our students  work