Hi every one مرحبأ marhaba
I hope you all had a safe and relaxing summer! I am so excited and interesting new year as an Arabic teacher in the San Leandra campus. I will be uploading more information here in the upcoming days, so please make sure to check it in here often.
My name is Nawal Saleh I have been teaching  Arabic for16 years.. I’m very excited to be a part of the Key Academy’s family another  year, it’s my pleasure to work with an amazing staff at key .I wish all of you a wonderful healthy school year .
I’m a mother for 4 young men. I’m from Palestine, I lived in Jordan. I like to sing and walk also I love  accessory  !Thank you for having me with you.


lessons for beginners from 1-8

please open each lesson and listen to my videos and do you question and the attached homework .
also don't forget to read every day and record to me 2 times a week  and email it to me 
I don't have everyone's  emails please send me your emails to keep on touch for upcoming lessons and homework . 

GOOGLE CLASSROOM / 5/6-3/4-7/8

PLEASE SIGN IN FOR GOOGLE CLASSROOM to check your grades and to see any due homework or games and also the end of the week quizzes .3/4-5/6 - 7/8 graders   
ask me for your code if you didn't join yet .

Homework rules 2021/2022

Hello everyone;
my name is Nawal Saleh  I'm one of the  Arabic teachers at the key academy.
these classes I teach this year.
  ,3/4,& 5/6 &7/8 
I gave your kids every week a packet  Monday, due date  Friday, or sometimes   Monday.
so please ask your kids every Monday about my homework packet.
also, I asked my students to read to me every week at home the packet's reading page and record their voice and send it to me. at flipgrid .record as voice or video if you have any questions please contact me on my email   [email protected]     remember this reading assignment.
recording your voice is part of your homework,   you will get graded for it.

This is the  weekly agenda   for 1st and all other beginners 
our  daily circle time 
include the date and the days and the season, weather,  letters, numbers, the vocabulary words of the week. Shaps, Colors   
our letter is lam 
ل لام 
الرجاء منكم مراجعة هذه الصفحة كل يوم مع اولادكم مع مراعاة تغير اليوم والشهر 
please check this page every day taking into account the day and the date change 
also new letter every week 

classroom Rules 2021-2022

Required Materials for  class
White Board, notebook, Pencils, Dry Erase Markers ,.
Expectations and Rules for my class
1) Students MAY NOT speak during instruction time or when a teacher's talking .
2) Students MAY NOT shout out to other students.
3) Students MAY NOT disrespect the teacher or other students.
4 Students MAY NOT use foul language.
5) Students MAY NOT cyberbully another student.

6-Students MAY NOT play with toys of any kind, size, etc. during your lessons.


Hi every one مرحبأ   marhaba 

I hope you all had a safe and relaxing summer! I am so excited about an interesting new year as an Arabic teacher. I will be uploading more information here in the upcoming days, so please make sure to check it in here often. 

Reading program2022/23

I started last year a new program to encourage my students to read and practice at home. their Arabic.
so I sign my students to record their reading at home every day reading and send it ON FLIPGRID  
because I found this technique is the best for our students to read every day and practice at home, That's why I  taught my students a different and easier way to record for me and without their parent's help and even without phone on flipgrid.
reading their lesson or vocabulary, or their numbers or letters. or any reading assignment for each week ..