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Welcome Letter 2023

Hello and welcome back families and friends!
My name is Keith Wiley and I am privileged with the task of being one of KEY Academy's exceptional 1st grade teachers! Our campus is continuing to grow, which means we will have high expectations for our incoming kids. As we get settled in we need to make sure to remember to have patience, be kind to one another, and try our hardest to make this the best year we can!
An important thing to revisit will be how students are getting to school. Our campus is at 585 Willow Ave. in Hayward and our streets can fill up quickly as over 650 students get dropped off and picked up. We will have teachers out to direct traffic, so please make sure to listen to the teachers and only drop off kids in the designated, appropriate locations. If you are a pedestrian, please stay in the crosswalks and on the sidewalks. 
There will be homework club offered to our students at no cost. This is extra time for students to finish homework and get help on questions of which they are confused. Normally students get picked up at 3:15, but if they stay for homework club, they get picked up at 4:15.
If you have any questions or would like to speak with me directly, feel free to email me at [email protected] or you can get my phone number from me if this works better.
Thank you and I look forward to meeting you all!
Mr. Keith

Welcome Letter 2020

Dear parents, 

Welcome back to Key Academy! This year, as you know, classes will resume online. We understand that this may be an inconvenience to most, and we are willing to work with you to make the best of this unfortunate situation. In this letter, we will outline the expectations and requirements for students as they proceed into their digital learning environment.

If you have picked up this letter in person, you should have received a bag containing the following items:

  • Class schedule
  • Welcome letter
  • Online login information
  • Language arts textbooks and workbooks
  • Social studies textbooks and workbooks
  • White board and marker

If you have not picked up this letter in person, you will receive the majority of information online, however you do need to pick up the textbooks, work books, and supplies in person at the school. IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT NO MATERIAL BE MISPLACED OR LOST! Students will also receive a laptop from the school to assist them in their online learning.

The expectations outlined here will also be reflected in the student handbook. When a student enters the zoom classroom, the expectation is that they are coming prepared. Preparedness means they have their white board and marker, any work that they had done previously, and any special materials that the teacher has already requested. They should be sitting up straight in a comfortable place where they can be focused. They should be wearing headphones to reduce the amount of background noise. PLEASE NO FOOD DURING CLASS. STUDENTS SHOULD HAVE EATEN PRIOR TO CLASS. However, water is acceptable.During class, they are expected to follow the classroom rules, listen to directions, and actively participate. Failure to comply with these expectations may result in a student losing points for attendance and participation. Also be aware that any behavior that is constituted as inappropriate will result in the student being placed in the waiting room and/or removed from the class for the day. They will be expected to complete the work that was missed.  

Finally, we would like to thank you for being flexible, understanding, and for being an active member in your child’s education. We must work as a team in order for the students to succeed during these hard times. The way this can be accomplished is through open communication.The most important thing to remember is our students still need structure even though they are not in class in person. With your support, we can make the most of this year. 

Mr. Jesus and myself will be happy to provide our contact information, but please respect our time when attempting to communicate with us. The best time to talk will be before school or immediately following dismissal. The majority of information will be provided via email so please make sure the school has an email that is active.


Best regards,

Mr. Keith

May 4th, 2020

Good morning,
This week, we have introduced lesson 28 and all the new words. We looked at words that have a long i sound in them with the patterns, ie, y, and igh. I will list the words here for your convenience. We also looked at story structure with the emphasis on characters, setting, and plot. Upcoming, the students will being focusing on homographs, words that look similar but have different meaning and may have different pronunciation, and also adjectives in their writing. Lastly, we will cover the skill of making predictions and inferences.
Spelling words:
In math we will be going over combining shapes and breaking up complex shapes into smaller shapes. By the end of the week we will be breaking down shapes and looking at equal and unequal parts. Next week we will be starting fractions, so look out!
Take care y'all and may the fourth be with you!
Mr. Keith

April 27, 2020 Weekly Update

I think because not many people are logging on to here to check, I won't be updating this as frequently. I will give the focus of the week for our class however, for your convenience.

Today we introduced our new words to know and spelling words. Here they are:

always, different, enough,happy, high, near, once, stories
hard, harder, hardest, fast, faster, fastest, slow, slower, slowest, sooner

We will learn how if you add an inflection, like -er or -est, to a word that ends in -y, then the y changes into an i. We will be reading our decodable readers every day. Our story for the week is called "What Can You Do?" We are focusing on the Author's Purpose in the story and exploring why it is important to try your best. We will continue to explore through opinion sentences and review words that express emotion.

Just a reminder, our Lesson 26 is still open today if you have not finished it. Please finish the test so you can get a grade for the class.

Today we reviewed all the concepts from chapter 11. There is a test assigned to the students today, they will have until Friday to finish the test. There are some tricky problems on the test, so make sure you answer them carefully!

For the rest of the week we will begin chapter 12 and a survey of 2-dimensional shapes and their properties.

I hope everyone is doing well in finding routine and supporting those that we love. If anyone needs any extra help in whatever it is, I am available for email or text at reasonable hours. Between the hours of 11 and 12 and also 1 and 330, I am available for conferences, meetings, and extra help with concepts.Take care y'all!

April 20, 2020

I hope you all are well rested and ready for the week! 
I goofed the homework numbers and gave the wrong pages. Readers notebook should be 152, 153, 154 and 155. I apologize for the error.
We went over our new words and spelling words this week, talked about past tense and present tense verbs with "-ed" and "-ing" and then we talked briefly about some figurative language as a method of comparison. We read the story "The Dot" and also read a story about bears from our Decodable Reader.
On think central they will click on the "done" button when they have completed the homework. They can complete the readers notebook pages online or on their pages, but they need to show it was finished online by clicking the "done" button. As said above the readers notebook pages are 152-155. 
We briefly went over sorting shapes by color, size, and shape and also talked about some properties of shapes too.
Math homework will be pages 461,462,463, and 464. They will also need to log on to think central to complete the assignment there. 
There will be extra IXL practice chosen tomorrow, but please make sure they are loggin on to Think Central to finish their work.

April 17, 2020

Happy Friday everyone!
The first full week has gone past and what a whirlwind! We have struggled together and we have triumphed together. Here's a quick recap of what we accomplished today:
We reviewed our words and played a review game to go over the words again. We covered synonyms and what a thesaurus looks like. We reread our story going over the key things to take away, like narrators, characters, and how characters feel based on actions and words. Finally we delved a bit into social studies and got to talk about our nation's symbols.
Homework for today will be to complete the Lesson 25 test. You will have until the end of the day Monday to finish the test.
We reviewed our three dimensional shapes and how to identify them.
If you need any help logging on, do not hesitate to reach out. I am here to help! Have a wonderful weekend and I will see you on Monday! 

April 16, 2020

We reviewed our vocab words, vowel sounds, and contractions in the morning. We finished our last decodable reader for Unit 5 and we reread the story, "The New Friend" in our textbooks. We went over what a narrator was and who the narrator was in our story this week. 
Homework for tonight is pages 149,150,151 in the readers notebook and practice reading the decodable readers stories from this week. 
We intro'd into our next chapter about shapes. Reviewed the basic two dimensional shapes and identified some common household items and what shape they were. We read into our mathbooks and identified shapes in the pictures. At the end we touched on the beginning of Chapter 11 and the Show-What-You-Know. Re-introduced some of the 3D shapes that will be covered in chapter 11.
Homework for tonight is GoMath pages 455,456 and 458,459. 
As before I have decided to star some IXL lessons for some extra practice. In math, lessons W2,3,4 are starred and in Language Arts lessons Q1,2 have been starred as well. 
I hope everyone is really starting to find a rhythm to this online classroom! Everyone has been doing so well with adjusting and I appreciate all the hard work put forth by you guys. As always, if anyone needs to meet with me to ask any questions or go over some work, I am available to you guys. The hours from 11 to 12 and 1 to 3:30 are open to anyone requesting meetings. Thank you and see you tomorrow! 

April 15, 2020

Today we did our words to know and spelling words. After we explored some different vowel sounds, "ou and ow, oi and oy, au and aw," and identified words with the same vowel sounds. We read our decodable readers and reminded the class when reading to pause at commas and stop at periods. Finally we summarized the story, "The New Friend" and used the words and actions of characters to figure out how those characters were feeling. 
Our homework will be to complete the next four readers notebook pages, 145-148, and to log on to Think Central and practice reading those decodable readers from this week, "Down at the Barn, Scout and Count, and Dawn's Voice."
Today we briefly went over the concepts from chapter 10 in their GoMath Textbooks. We used data from tally charts and bar graphs to answer questions about how much, how many more, and comparing greatest and least.
Our homework is to complete the Chapter 10 Final Test on Think Central. This will be counted as a grade, so make sure we are doing our tests by ourselves. No parent help! 
While you are on Think Central, it will help the students to explore some of our math resources. The math library has animated math videos featuring a beloved cook character that do a wonderful job explaining the skills we are working on. Just for the record, our current skills practiced are skill 43, 44, and 45. There are also our Math on the Spot videos that answer example questions from their GoMath book. Those are divided by Chapter and a bit easier to navigate. Big shout out to those people who have really taken advantage of the huge library of stuff on Think Central and have a great day y'all!
Mr. Keith

April 14, 2020 Recap

Thank you once again for logging in and showing up! I know sometimes people need to leave for one reason or another, but I simply appreciate those people who are showing up and trying their best. For your convenience, I will be uploading their weekly schedule, so we know what to expect for the weeks. I will still be reminding them each day in class where they will need to be just in case people forget. The zoom information is on my google classroom, but if you need it again just ask and I can send it.

We went over homework from yesterday and our words to know and our spelling words in the beginning of class. We also discussed contractions in class, like "isn't" and "aren't," and we went over combining two smaller sentences into a compound sentence with the word "and." We finished the story "The New Friend" in our textbook.

Our homework today is to complete the next three pages of our readers notebook for lesson 25. That is pages 142-144.

We went over the homework from yesterday. We also created our own tally chart for favorite food in the work. After, we begin Chapter 10 lesson 7 in their math book, and created a table by counting animals in a picture.

For Homework, we will be doing pages 441-444 in their GoMath books.

The starred lessons on IXL are still there. O3 and O4 in math and in Language Arts, I have starred O3 and O4 and also OO1. These will help out those kids who are struggling with the vowel sounds and contractions, and also the tally marks in math.

Thank you and have a great day! See you tomorrow!
Mr. Keith

April 13, 2020 Monday Recap!

We went over our words to know and our spelling words in the beginning of class. I will list them under here so you can study them. We practiced comprehension with a read aloud story. We also read the story "Down at the Farm" in our decodable reader and started the story "The New Friend" in our textbook. 
Words to Know:
buy city family myself party please school seven
Spelling Words:
how now cow owl ouch house found out now town
Our homework today is to complete the first four pages of our readers notebook for lesson 25. That is pages 138-141. You will find it on think central!
We went over making tally charts and marks. The students got a chance to practice creating their own tally marks
We will be doing pages 437-440 in their GoMath books. You will find it on think central!
I have starred a few lessons on IXL for extra practice. O3 and O4 in math and in Language Arts I have starred O3 and O4 and also OO1. I would love to see as many people as they can getting some extra practice in. Thank you all for the great participation and unending patience. 
Thank you and have a great day! See you tomorrow!
Mr. Keith

April 10, 2020 Happy Friday!

Today was another fantastic day filled with tech problems and silly faces! Hopefully you were able to bear through the issues and have a great day. Our homework today is as follows:
Log into Think Central and complete the three new assignments
Lesson 23 Test
Lesson 24 Test
Chapter 10 Test
All of these tests came from work done over the independent study, so you are absolutely allowed to use the tests you have already done to fill in the answers. If you want an extra challenge, try to do it without the notes and see the score that you can get! 
Have fun in PE and Art and I will see everybody once again Monday at 9am. I hope everybody has a wonderful weekend. Stay inside, don't touch your face, and practice social distancing!
Mr. Keith

April 9, 2020 classwork and homework

Hopefully you had fun today, I know I sure did! We reviewed the rest of lesson 23 and all of 24 in Language Arts today and we got a great start on the math review to with the end of Chapter 9.

Homework today is to log on to IXL and complete English Language Arts lessons GG4 and 5 and Math lessons U3 and 4.

Make sure you are logging on to Think Central if you missed yesterdays homework and Check to see you are a part of your language, art and PE, classes on Google Classroom.

Have a Great Day!
Mr. Keith

First Day Back!

PHEW! I hope you guys aren't too tired after that first day! It was really great seeing everybody and I was so happy to be back with you guys "in the classroom." 
I had mentioned to the class that my expectation today is that they log on to their think central accounts and complete that assignment. They also can log onto the google accounts as well to make sure they are a part of their own art and spanish/arabic classes. Email or text me for help! I am available all day basically until 4 o'clock. Talk to you guys soon!
Mr. Keith

Supporting Kids at Home

Here are some extra resources for your students. 

Scholastic Learn At Home Program: An activity portal of free daily courses for kids

Mystery Science: Free Science lessons for students in kindergarten to 5th grade 7,000 free videos across 13 subject areas

Mindfulness Resources for Teens: Techniques for developing the skills to be present and aware every day

15 Mindfulness and Relaxation Apps for Kids with Anxiety: Technological solutions that support addressing and overcoming stress and anxiety

Emotional ABCs: Social-emotional learning resources and programs

GoNoodle: Movement and mindfulness videos created by child development experts

30 Emotional Health Activities: A month-long calendar of daily activities that's free to download and use

Online Museum Tours: Free virtual trips to famous artworks and artifacts from around the globe

Virtual Field Trips: Free videos and cams of animal habitats, famous locations, and unique areas

Free Art Lessons: Youtube-based art classes starting 3/16

TED Talks: Educational discussions organized by topic of interest

(Suggested) Work Schedule

Below is a suggested schedule to make sure your students are keeping up with all the work! 
Mon 3/16
ELA: Begin Lesson 23
Readers Notebook: Pgs 108-109
Pgs 78-103
Math: Work  Chapter 9.7
GoMath: pgs397-400
Tues 3/17
Readers Notebook: Pgs 110-113
Pgs 104-107
Math: Work  Chapter 9.8
GoMath: pgs401-404
Wed 3/18
Readers Notebook: Pgs 114-119
Math: Work  Chapter 9.9
GoMath: pgs405-408
Thur 3/19
Readers Notebook: Pgs 120-121
Pgs 108-111
Math: Test Chapter 9
Fri 3/20
ELA: Test Lesson 23
Readers Notebook: Pgs 122
Pgs 112-115
Math: Work  Chapter 10 Show-what you know
GoMath: pgs413-416
Mon 3/23
ELA: Begin Lesson 24
Readers Notebook: Pgs 123-124
Pgs 130-131
Pgs 116-147
Math: Work  Chapter 10.1
GoMath: pgs417-420
Tues 3/24
Readers Notebook: Pgs 125-128
Pgs 148-151
Math: Work  Chapter 10.2
GoMath: pgs421-424
Wed 3/25
Readers Notebook: Pgs 129-133
Math: Work  Chapter 10.3
GoMath: pgs425-428
Thur 3/26
Readers Notebook: Pgs 134-136
Pgs 152-155
Math: Work  Chapter 10.4
GoMath: pgs429-432
Fri 3/27
ELA: Test Lesson 24
Readers Notebook: Pgs 137
Math: Work  Chapter 10.5
GoMath: pgs433-436
Mon 3/30
Spring Break
Tues 3/31
Spring Break
Wed 4/1
Spring Break
Thur 4/2
Spring Break
Fri 4/3
Spring Break