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Intent to Re-Enroll (San Leandro Campus only)

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As we have mentioned in previous letters, a change in state law in 2019 required us to seek permission from the San Lorenzo Unified School District (SLZUSD) to continue to serve students at the Epiphany Lutheran Church. 

The process for gaining permission to continue to use Epiphany Lutheran Church is a difficult one. SLZUSD officially denied our request for a charter to operate at that location. This was not surprising given their previous indications that they were not inclined to support a charter school in their district and their difficult budget environment. We do have the ability to appeal to the Alameda County Office of Education for approval  Approval of our petition at the County would allow us to remain at the church location and continue operations as we have been since 2015. However, in the event we are unable to secure a charter through Alameda County of Education, we will be moving our students to a location in Hayward. To help with our planning,  we are asking parents at the San Leandro site to resubmit thier Intent to Enroll Form. 

Thank you again for your support.

My child has attended the San Leandro campus and will continue to attend KEY Academy at a Hayward Campus.*
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