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August 14 – 18, 2023




Dear Students and Parents,


Welcome to a new school year!  I am so excited to work with this year’s 6th graders. 


This is our Monday Letter, and throughout the year, it will contain the homework for the week, and important information about the week’s events.


There is no homework this week.  Next week, attached to the Monday Letter you’ll find homework for each evening, except Friday.  In class the following day, we’ll go over the

previous night’s homework.  The whole homework packet will be due on Fridays and students will receive 10 homework points for each completed page.


The purpose of homework is to give students independent practice on skills and concepts taught in class.  It is important that students complete the homework, especially if it’s in a subject they’re having a hard time with.  Please look the homework over to make sure your child has completed it.  If there is any part they are not sure about, we’ll go over it in class.


Please note: Wednesday October 30, is Back To School Night!  I look forward to meeting each of you.





Ms. Robin

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