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My name is Ms. Raquel Kangas and I am the Kindergarten teacher at the San Leandro Key Academy school site. I recently just graduated from Sonoma State University with a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential and a BA in Liberal Studies. I am very excited to continue my journey at Key Academy, and also watching your children grow into life long learners throughout this year.

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February 20th-23rd Agenda

Hi Parents,
This week in class we will be reviewing the the letter /o/. Our class has learned about vowels prior to this week, so they have learned that the letter /o/ has a long and short vowel sound. We will also continue to practice blending our letter sounds to read.
For math, we are reviewing numbers 1-100 and playing fun games to help lock in the learning of these numbers. 
Lastly this week we are also learning about musical instruments and the names and sounds they have. We have watched some fun videos on Youtube to help us learn about these instruments, and we will be writing about which instrument is their favorite. 
I look forward to finishing out this month and jumping into March with more fun learning experiences. 

February 5th-9th Agenda

Hello parents,
This week in class we will be working/reviewing the letter /d/, blending sounds to read words, and reviewing addition and subtraction. We will also be learning about outdoor adventures and what we would see/what could happen on a hike. 
Our sight words for this week are: go, here, soon, for, they, and up. We will be practicing and using these words in many different ways in the classroom this week to help us become more fluent readers.