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Welcome to First Grade

Hello Parents,

              I’m very excited be your child’s teacher this year.  My name is Jasmine Kemp and I have been teaching for 13 years. This is my second year as the 1st grade teacher at KEY Academy. I am a mother of 3 children and one of them is a 2nd grade student at KEY.  My oldest child attends U.C Berkeley, and my middle child is a Junior in high school. Aside from spending time with my kids I also enjoy painting, hiking, and shopping for deals.

              My teaching philosophy is that every child can learn, my job as a teacher is to find the strategy that works best for that student. I also enjoy exploring children’s imaginations and often use assignments that include drawings, writing, and acting out stories. I’m very excited about this year and I hope that you will feel comfortable asking me questions when they arise. The best way to reach me is by email:

              Starting Monday, your 1st grader will receive a homework packet for the week. It is to be returned the following Monday. Even if it is finished I prefer it to be turned in on Monday in the folder given in. Please, make sure you get all of your child’s supplies in by Monday, if you haven’t already done so. Also, it is important that I know if your child has any allergies or food/health concerns. Please let me know by sending me a note or talking to me in the morning.

I will be sending more information on Back to School Night, so please keep your eyes open for that.



Ms. Jasmine Kemp


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Happy March! This month is Literacy Month and so we have a lot fun activities planned at school. This month is all about encouraging reading and allowing it to really take us to different places. I will be sending a new reading log in the weekly homework because there will be a prize at the end of the month for all that participate fully this month. 
Also, I ask that students find a book they love and enjoy because they will make a book poster and even dress up as a character from the book for our Book Parade. Keep your eyes open for this and much more. 
Ms. Jasmine