Happy Kindergarten Parents and Students,

My name is Mrs. Colleen Lee and I am one of the Kindergarten teachers at the Hayward campus. I  live in Newark  and have a wonderful husband and three grown daughters. I have been a teacher for  over 20 years and have taught Kindergarten for 12 . I am beginning my fourth year at Key Academy  and  love working with our  staff and my students and their families.
Kindergarteners are wonderful to teach. They are eager to learn and have a natural curiosity about many things. They are also very sweet and fun! 

I am looking forward to meeting each of you and getting to know you better this school year,
Ms. Colleen

Recent Posts

Dear Parents,
I wanted to inform you of an upcoming field trip this month.
On Friday morning ,February 22, we will be walking to Sulphur Creek
Nature Preserve.  I would love as many of you as can to join us!
I will be sending home more information this coming week.
take care,
Miss Colleen

Dear Parents,
We are beginning our new second half of the school year and your children are busily working.
In January we learned our numbers 10-20, we sorted and patterned and we practiced our ordinal numbers and sequencing skills. These are all things we will continue to work on the rest of the year in different ways so these concepts can continue to become more and more internalized.
We work on our reading and writing skills daily.  Thank you for reading the little books I send home with your child. The more they practice the more they remember words and read fluidly.
Ask them comprehension or opinion questions to make them think a little deeper.  Thinking questions can be difficult for 5 and 6 year olds but it is good practice for them to begin to explain why they have a particular answer. 
We have been having a lot of fun with snowmen and snowflakes this  month. We talked about some of the attributes of snow and then talked more about what happens when water gets very hot or very cold. The chidren loved seeing the different forms of water. They got very excited seeing holding ice cubes and watching steam come out of our hot pot!
Take care and have a beautiful February,
Miss Colleen
Dear Parents,
We have been very busy this new year.  We have been making patterns, counting by 10's, understanding how  addition works and are are about to begin subtraction.  Today was very exciting as we celebrated the 100th day of school!  We will continue to do  related math projects next week.  Please work with your child on the assignment I sent home today in their homework.  
We also  studied polar animals and began our continent study with Antarctica. Asia seemed the best next continent to learn about  with Chinese New Year upon us.  In Science we also
learned how water can turn into steam or ice, depending on the temperature. We carried  our study of water into studying the Ocean and sea creatures. Your children love to learn about sea life and have been very interested in learning about these different types of animals..
Studying  all these subjects gives us a lot to write about.  Your children  are starting to write more and more  and are motivated to express themselves on paper when they learn about the world around them.
They are also growing in their decoding skills and are eager to read daily. Their faces light up when they can read what is on the board or in their reading books.
Please continue to read to your child and watch children's videos related to what he/she is learning in class.(Polar animals, ocean animals, animals in Asia or Chinese New Year , Antarctica and properties of water).
Playing board games is another great way to spend time with your children.
Thank you for being terrific parents!
Miss Colleen

Dear Parents,
The children greatly enjoyed our field trip to Sulphur Creek to see various animals..Thanks so much for coming with us parents and grandparents and one auntie :) .
The children have also been interested in learning about life long ago as we learned about the first Thanksgiving.
This month we are learning about forest animals and fairy tales.  Your children are also working on learning numbers 11-20 and word families  -ab,  -it, -in, and-im. They have been working on Aa, Bb,Cc, Ff, Gg, Mm, Nn, Pp, Rr Ss, Tt  and  new sight words include:
are ,little, big, many, now and where.
You can see that our Kindergarten class is a busy and exciting place!
Have a beautiful December,
Miss Colleen

Happy Fall  Parents!
We just completed two fun and educational units on birds and sunflowers.
I would like to encourage you to bird watch with your child, get them bird books at the library or even watch some food bird videos on youtube.  They especially liked learning about owls.
If your child can count from 1-10 correctly, move on to 1-20 and then 1-30. Rote counting is fine and  it is good for children to use their fingers so they see each number is distinct.
We have learned the names and sounds of Mm, Ss, Tt, Aa, Cc, Pp, and Nn.
I am planning a field trip to Sulphur Creek on Tuesday November 15.  I will be
sending details home soon.  Please come and enjoy the outing with us!
Have a wonderful week ,
Miss Colleen

Fun learning this week!

This week, students are making a watermelon booklet. They're learning about sequencing and numbers one to five.
They are practicing their sight words and writing sentences.  Do you remember, 'Hey Diddle Diddle?"  Students are enjoying listening and acting out characters with the story.