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 My name is Becky Diaz and I will be going by Ms. Becky here at KEY Academy.  This will be my 5th year at KEY and I am excited to be teaching second grade this year.   I grew up in Hollister, CA where I loved to ride horses, run, and swim. I went to college at CSU Chico where I studied education and received a minor in child development, BA in Education, and a California teaching credential. I got married five years ago and moved to Alameda, CA.  Two years ago I had my first child ,Audriana.  I enjoy spending my time with my family, and doing crossfit.  I am very excited to see what the year holds for us all.  I am very open with my communication and am available to you any time you need.  Please feel free to stop in and talk anytime you have a concern.  You may also email me at any time.  Thank you for being a part of the school and creating the wonderful community that I am blessed to be a part of.

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Here are the goals and words for the week in our class.  Please practice every night the spelling words and vocabulary words.  Tests will be this Friday the 7th of December. 
Look for this paper in your childs backpack! It has all the goals for the week and some activities you can do with your child to enrich this weeks lesson  and skills they are learning!

Math Test!!!!

Our Chapter 4 math test will be this Wednesday!  Look for the review test on Tuesday night in your childs homework. 

Goals for this week with spelling and vocabulary words! Please practice every night with your child! Test will be on Friday!

Thanksgiving break

Next week there is no school for Thanksgiving Break! see you all Monday November, 26 th


Hello everyone! I am so sorry for the late message, but we are having a little pizza party tomorrow for a good behavior reward and celebrate the break. I had a wonderful mom send some cookies today for the class to go along with the pizza. It made me think that maybe we could add a little more to the party. I was wondering if you could please send something tomorrow to pitch in. I will be buying the pizza. I was seeing if we could get some paper plates, chips, and capris suns. Thank you again if you can bring a little something in.

Next week is a funny week

Wednesday- NO HOMEWORK CLUB and KIDS OUT AT 12:45 (parent conferences)
Thursday- NO HOMEWORK CLUB and KIDS OUT AT 12:45 (parent conferences)

Parent Conferences

Please remember next week on Wednesday and Thursday from 1-4 there are parent conferences.  I would love the chance to sit down and talk with everyone! Thank you and hope to see you there. 

Lice in second grade

We have had a couple cases of lice in our classroom.  Please continue to check your child and if they get it keep them home until it is all gone.  Thank you and I am very sorry for all of it.  I hope we can work together and put an end to it soon!

This week we will be reading the story "How chipmunk got his strips." This is a picture of the spelling words and vocabulary words for the week.  Your child will be tested on these this Friday October 19, 2018.  Please practice every night with them.  Here are the goals for the week.  This is everything they need to know by Friday! Thank you and have a wonderful week. 

Classroom Dojo

Please get the app for our classroom dojo management system.  Please ask your child for the class code so you can monitor your childs behavior in class!

Chapter 2 math test

Our chapter 2 math test is tomorrow! Your child will bring home the practice test tonight in their homework! Please make sure they understand and practice tonight.  The test is the exact same lay out and questions, it will just have different numbers. 

Here are our goals for the week.  Please make sure your child is understanding all homework and all these goals for their test on Friday!  We are having our chapter 2 math test tomorrow Wednesday the 3 rd. 
here are the new spelling words and vocabulary words for this week.  Tests will be on Friday October 5, 2018.  Please practice every night!

Lets Go Learn and IXL

All students are done testing with lets go learn and are set up on the edge program to start practicing.  Please try your best to have your child practice as much as possible.  This will help them for round two of testing in mid year!  These programs are amazing and given to you as a resource for your child.  Please practice!  IXL is also up and going and I have stared the points and learning objectives we have already gone over in class so you know what to practice.